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Solution Delivery

High quality software is vital to optimise the total solution life cycle cost.

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What is Solution Delivery?

During the Solution Delivery, we work in close collaboration to bring your solution to life. We offer a comprehensive solution development that involves a team of experts including business analysts, UX designers, software engineers, AI and IoT specialists, data engineers,… This phase involves planning, development, testing, and deployment.

Quality management

Software quality has a serious impact on the success of the solution. That’s why we ensure a quality assurance and quality control system. It focuses on close collaboration with stakeholders and aid in the early detection of possible defects, requirement changes, misinterpreted requirements and other issues.

Agile development

Our Solution Delivery uses “agile development” to handle the solution development in a more collaborative way then the traditional “waterfall approach”. We use the agile concept, principles and value in a sensible way to ensure a better and faster feedback loop to the customer but ensures the business goal remains clear.

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Rombit Studio process of working

Innovation Consultancy

We advice and help you define your long term innovation roadmap.

Opportunity scan

A full review of your way of working and system use, resulting in an opportunity list.

Solution Design

We design and validate a number of solutions to resolve a particular challenge.

Solution Delivery

Custom development of products/solutions that perfectly fit your way of working and system use.

Support & Maintenance

We provide long-term strategic commitment and support.


Data Engineering

How to grab your data without throwing away your current systems.

How our Solution Delivery provides value 

Think Big, Start small

In the early stages of the project we focus on experimenting and building MVPs to test on a small scale. Fail fast and learn fast. This way we make sure the successful MVP is ready for maximum adoption and scale.



Keeping the business goal clear

Rombit Studio believes in an agile approach to software development. In essence, this stands for transparency throughout the entire project process. It ensures a better and faster feedback loop to the customer so the business goal remains clear.


Don’t compromise your software quality

We aim to be best in class when it comes to quality and client satisfaction. Quality software is vital in order to optimize the total solution life cycle cost. That’s why we have highly skilled people and the right quality management processes in place.


Get the right expert team on board

We have established a clear framework around team flexibility, autonomy, accountability and alignment. By defining multidisciplinary teams we create teams that can work highly autonomously in delivering their objectives. By keeping the chain for decision making as short as possible, we aim to maximize the quality of our service.

Clients who have benefited from the Solution Delivery phase

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