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Opportunity Scan

Our team of technology experts reviews your systems and workflows to detect inefficiencies and map out opportunities for digital transformation.

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What is an Opportunity scan?

Expect a full review of your way of working and system use, discovering opportunities for innovation and optimization, resulting in an actionable opportunity list.

Hands-on innovation

We provide our customers with a very straightforward and hands-on approach to innovation. Our scan immediately identifies quick wins for the short term, and provides you with a mid-term vision in terms of capability and ROI:

  • Fashionable concepts such as disruption will hurt you sooner than later
  • High-level strategizing is too easy. Start now, tackle existing processes.
  • We bring you into contact with the state-of-the-art of technology.

Tailored, actionable opportunity list

The opportunity scan delivers a list of innovation projects describing the opportunities for Innovation and Optimization. The list of opportunities includes scope, expected budget, planning, ROI and risks for each of the solutions. It will provide technology insights and a tailored actionable plan, much more valuable than your regular consultancy slideware.

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Rombit Studio process of working

Innovation Consultancy

We advice and help you define your long term innovation roadmap.


Opportunity scan

A full review of your way of working and system use, resulting in an opportunity list.

Solution Design

We design and validate a number of solutions to resolve a particular challenge.

Solution Delivery

Custom development of products/solutions that perfectly fit your way of working and system use.

Support & Maintenance

We provide long-term strategic commitment and support.


Data Engineering

How to grab your data without throwing away your current systems.


How our Opportunity scan provides value 

Review by our expert team

Our expert team will do a full review of your current way-of-working by mapping processes and systems. We bring port and maritime industry experience to the table, which makes us understand your business quicker and share insights from similar organizations.

A tailored, actionable opportunity list

We show and prioritize what digital technology can do for your business. We help you identify high-potential opportunities, resulting in an actionable opportunity list that includes scope, expected budget, planning, ROI and risks.

Fueling your innovation

We help organizations to understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business. We identify opportunities in line with operational feasibility (complexity) and business value (value).


Aligning the right people

We help align leaders at both the enterprise and division level on a shared vision for the future: where to play, how to win. Together we develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to achieve them.


Clients who have benefited from the Opportunity Scan.

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