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Innovation Consultancy

We advice you about a specific innovation case or help define your long term innovation roadmap.

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What is Innovation Consultancy

Leadership teams feel a dire need to invest, to evolve, to be more efficient, to bypass obsolete processes – but they struggle with what to do first or grasp possible (technological) solutions. With our way of working, we provide our customers with a very straightforward and hands-on approach to innovation.

Long term innovation roadmap

We help you build and deliver your long term innovation vision by discovering opportunities together. Our consultants have a solid technical and engineering background. Combined with a thorough grasp on business and operational processes they are ideally placed to spot and fill the gaps.

Specific innovation case

Want to prove innovation works? Any shelf-projects that no one dares to tackle? We’re up for it. The Rombit Studio teams have a habit for delivering fully functional prototypes in a matter of months. Our software, data and IoT knowledge enables us to use the right software component and the device for the right job.

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Rombit Studio process of working

Innovation Consultancy

We advice and help you define your long term innovation roadmap.


Opportunity scan

A full review of your way of working and system use, resulting in an opportunity list.

Solution Design

We design and validate a number of solutions to resolve a particular challenge.

Solution Delivery

Custom development of products/solutions that perfectly fit your way of working and system use.

Support & Maintenance

We are providing a long-term strategic commitment and support.


Data Engineering

How to grab your data without throwing away your current systems.


How Innovation Consultancy provides value 

Innovation inspiration

Want to boost an innovation mindset at your company? Want to discover the opportunities of technology within your company? We help organizations to understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business. We can inspire you and your team through innovation workshops, brainstorms and ideation.

Prototyping innovation ideas

The Rombit Studio team has a habit for delivering fully functional prototypes in a matter of months. This way you can boost a specific innovation idea in your company, without worrying about the long implementation time.



Technology expertise

We have the right business and technological experts and knowledge in-house to advice you in making the right decisions.


Aligning the right people

We help align leaders at both the enterprise and division level on a shared vision for the future: where to play, how to win. Together we develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to achieve them.

Clients who have benefited from the Innovation Consultancy phase

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