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Case study: City of Antwerp

A user-friendly city management platform


Each year, the City of Antwerp receives over 50,000 requests for the temporary use of public street space: for street events, movals, construction or utility works. To minimize the hinder, the city administration has embarked on a full digitization of the entire process.

Rombit.Studio’s end-to-end solution includes a user-friendly cloud platform, smart IoT signage and a dynamic scheduling tool.


City of Antwerp


Track and trace
Work order planning
Mobile application

The challenge

To increase the control over the use of its public domain, the City of Antwerp partners with Rombit Studio to fully digitise the official request module for citizens, businesses and utility companies, as well as the planning application for its city workers.

The Solution

_Automated scheduling: Rombit.Studio’s scheduling module automatically generates work orders. Planners can also manually assign orders to teams and add them to specific routes on the appropriate dates. All work orders are available and accessible through one single map view of the city.

_Scheduling on the move: City workers upload the work orders assigned to them, the time schedule and the ideal route through a mobile application. Linked to the planning module, they can update order statuses, receive updates, and access or add additional information. All in real-time while being on the move


“The return on investment of Rombit.Studio’s Asign solution is spectacular.”

Mayor’s Office

City of Antwerp